About Lexis

Hello! I’m Lexis Calista Krieg, the artist, illustrator and designer behind Lexisworks. I am a freelance creator specializing in mixed media paintings, illustration and design. Colorful Colorado became my home over 10 years ago and I've been inspired by the ever-present Rocky Mountains ever since. I love any opportunity I can get out and explore with my husband, Bear, two daughters, Josie and Adley and our dog, Jackson. 

One wall of my studio is lined with piles of vintage papers, tubes of paint, old sketch books, and glue, material for my mixed media paintings. The other wall features my digital work station, my to do list and all the pens-the perfect blend for my left brain dominate creative mind. 

I’ve created my entire life: making art at home, collecting paper for collages, and taking every art class I could in high school. When it came time to choose my college degree, I clearly wanted to pursue something art related. My mom had thought I had gotten enough art at home and wouldn’t need to pursue it in my college career. But art was the only thing that ever challenged me, so I majored in Graphic Design at Minnesota State University, Moorhead (MSUM), with a minor in Mass Communications. In the confines of my college bedroom, I satisfied my own creative hand urges with art journals filled with text, clippings and smears of paint. I fell in love with graphic design and left the “real art" to “artists.” 

While working my day job, Lexisworks was born in 2008 as an outlet for personal creativity. I attended craft fairs selling reproductions of my layered collages and gained confidence in my work. After being laid off from two graphic design jobs, I knew the universe was trying to tell me something: I was meant to be an artist! In 2012, I bravely declared myself an artist for the first time and started pursuing my art career. 

The mountains are calling...

When people ask where I’m from, I take a deep breath and recite: ”Alaska, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and now Colorado.” Alaska was merely a birthplace, while I consider Oregon to be where I “grew up.” Moving to the Midwest at 12, I spent my teenage years and early twenties moving around the Midwest. By 17, I knew I wanted to move west again (I missed the mountains and sun); but first I had to get through high school and the benefits of in-state college tuition. While attending MSUM, I met my future husband, After graduation, I lived abroad in London and traveled Europe while Bear moved to Denver, Colorado. Denver met my warmth and mountain requirements and I decided to call it home.