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Lexisworks wholesale information

A collection of colorful + unique products that make affordable + gifts.

Art Prints + more Created from original handmade, mixed-media paintings. 

My art is full of color and joy and for those who wish to encourage genuine connection, support growth and inspire adventure in themselves and others. I'd really love the opportunity to sell in your store!

basic wholesale information

New account: minimum opening order is $150 USD + receive FREE shipping

Reorder: minimum is $100 USD

Customer pays all shipping charges. 

Download the PDF catalog, fill in with Acrobat Reader and return. 


Let me create an original piece of art to be reproduced exclusively for your shop. Creation of the art is no cost to you. Simply pay the wholesale price for a minimum order of prints, cards or magnets. I retain the rights to the art and original piece of art. Licencing fees are available if you wish to produce additional products.

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